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Gaming: Sokpop Collective

The gaming industry is a big one and thanks to groups like Sokpop Collective it continues to remain fresh. Sokpop Collective is made up of four 20-year-old Dutch guys who met at a game jam. Sokpop Collective is an innovative game development group that produces two games each month for its Patreon supporters for the price of $3/mo.

This subscription service has proved to be lucrative and enables Sokpop Collective to be more creative. In addition to their Patreon subscription Sokpop Collective sells their games individually for $3 on . Thanks to their work flow system, last year they produced a total of 26 games! Every two months each member must produce a game enable the release of a game about every two weeks.

If you enjoy playing video games you might just enjoy making them! Be on the look out for future programming classes at the Multicultural Development Center of Iowa. Programming and knowledge of industry trends paired with creativity and passion are essential skills to have as a video game developer.

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