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About MDC of Iowa

The Multicultural Development Center of Iowa is a non-profit organization with a mission to serve the community by providing access to education and economic support to promote a multicultural society where diversity is recognized as a strength and the underrepresented have the support of a community that encourages knowledge, respect, equality, and inclusivity. Our logo is inspired by those principles and represents the growth that we strive to achieve and the diverse, inclusive, globally-connected, and economically strong communities that we support.







The Multicultural Development Center of Iowa (MDC Iowa) was founded in 2017 offering program support to non-profit organizations in Iowa City that were in need of help. Leveraging years of technology experience and various successful start-ups, the founding members provided leadership, guidance, and financial support to help these community organizations. Realizing that there was a larger need for support in the community to help underrepresented people gain access to technology and training, MDC Iowa formed the People of Color Coding program (POCC) in 2019.


With the help of the Iowa City Fab Lab, MDC Iowa was able to offer classes and meeting space for both the POCC and the Black in Business Incubator program. With continued community support, MDC Iowa plans to expand into their own space and increase the number of underrepresented individuals that can take advantage of the programs and services.

Our Mission


Our Mission

The Multicultural Development Center of Iowa is committed to serving the local communities of Eastern Iowa.

Our mission is to provide the community with access to tools, training, mentors, industry-leading professionals, global networking, and economic support through four main initiatives:

  • STEM Factory - a secondary training program for ages 9 to 99 that interested in gaining real-world, hands-on STEM skills. This project-based learning methodology spans multiple disciplines ranging from IoT development, cybersecurity, programming, 3D design, and much more. The purpose of the program is to improve diversity in STEM through focused outreach, project-based learning, economic support, democratized mentoring, and help creating degree and career pathways for minoritized people that are historically underrepresented in the science, technology, and engineering fields.

  • MDCI Connect – mentoring program providing high school seniors and young adults with a mentor that provides coaching, motivation, advice, and support in a structured platform designed to meet the individual needs of the mentee.

  • the_collective – supports young students and adult learners that are interested in a career in cybersecurity. This program addresses the lack of diversity in information security by providing black, indigenous, people of color with a 6-month immersive learning environment that builds skills and real-world knowledge that can immediately be leveraged to apply for high-demand careers in InfoSec.

  • INCubate – BIPOC Business Accelerator and Entrepreneur Incubator program that provides an intensive training designed to accelerate the growth and development of new and existing minority-owned businesses in Johnson County.

Our Vision

At MDC Iowa we want to see a world where every individual has the support to visualize their future and have the tools and support to pursue that goal regardless of socioeconomic status, race, or gender.

We exist to shape a better world for all through community partnerships, both public and private collaborations, and programs that address the challenges of the underrepresented people of Eastern Iowa.

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