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Multicultural Development Center of Iowa Board Retreat 2022 - From Left to Right: Tracy Jon Sargeant, Maddie Abu-Nameh, Julia Crowley, Terrell Cole, Rocco Cuffari, Matt Butler. Not pictured: Jamal Mabry, Breckin Sargeant, and Emma Henry.


Founder and Executive Director

Tracy Jon Sargeant

Tracy Jon started MDC Iowa in 2017 and has been the thought leader and main driving force behind our programs, community partnerships, public funding sources, and diversity initiatives.

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CTO, Program Volunteer & Board Member


Matt Butler

Matt joined MDC Iowa in 2020 and immediately started using his privilege and experience to help shape programs that provide real-world value to our students. As CTO, Matt helps guide the organization's technology vendor partnerships and curriculum for all STEM and cybersecurity programs.

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Advisor, Communications Volunteer & Board Member


Rocco Cuffari

Rocco has 20+ years as a technologist and met Tracy Jon while working at a technology consulting firm in Cleveland, Ohio. Rocco said "Yes!" to Tracy Jon before he finished asking the question and joined MDC Iowa in 2020. For the past few years, Rocco has put his bias toward action and his shared lived experience as a person of color in STEM to shape the mission and program direction of the organization.

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Director, Community Programs & Board Member


Julia Crowley

Julia openly shares that she is the least technical person on the team but what she lacks in tech skills she makes up for with her soft skills and recruiting knowledge. Julia's experience in staffing is invaluable to our youth and adult learners that are looking for career guidance in STEM. As an active board member, Julia also leads our community programs and builds a network of like-minded community partners.

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Laison, Municipal Government & Board Member


Terrell Cole

Terrell has spent 20+ years in city and county government in Cleveland, OH, and was recently appointed as the Deputy County Administrator for Kalamazoo County. Mr. Cole has been instrumental in MDC Iowa's strategic planning with our municipal government partners. Terrell also brings his vast network of professionals and associations that have been crucial to the evolution of our organization.

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Student Services & Mental Health Consultant, Board Member


Breckin Leigh

Breckin is the resident student services and mental health advocate at MDC Iowa that advises the organization on how to approach systemic racism that contributes to damaging mental health issues for students of color. As a student advocate, Breckin has been a thought leader on how our programs can address some of the gaps in our current education systems with a focus on racial equity. Under Breckin's leadership, MDC Iowa has implemented mindfulness rooms and programs that normalize mental health over all else.

Business Coach


Kim Jones

Kim has been in the financial services arena for 20+ years and has a long history of advocating for small businesses in Iowa. When MDC Iowa expanded the racial equity-based work to include microfinancing, Kim's name kept coming up as the person we needed to have on the team. In 2022, Kim began her work as a business coach helping MDC Iowa's INCUBATE graduates with debt financing and other services crucial to their success. 

INNOV8 Lab Manager


Maurice Gray

Maurice is a talented facility management professional, entrepreneur, and maker. After participating in MDC Iowa's first BIPOC Business Accelerator class and launching his own business, Maurice decided to give back to the organization that helped him get his start by volunteering his time to manage the INNOV8 idea Lab. Maurice brings years of experience in the skilled trades and can help beginners build creative confidence while learning how to safely use the numerous tools and equipment at the makerspace.

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