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Soldering 101

Soldering can seem a bit daunting, but it is easier than it looks and is a skill required for any maker and one that opens up the world of DIY projects. The Soldering 101 class provided by the Multicultural Development Center of Iowa teaches you the basics of soldering, safety, and best practices. And as an added bonus, students get to make their own "I Can Solder!" pin that is fully functional and shows off their soldering skills. This project is the perfect way to not only learn how to solder, but to show off your new found skills. This hands-on, project-based class is perfect for anyone ages 12 and up.

Thanks to the generous support of our local community and businesses, everyone that attends the class will receive a soldering iron so you can continue to practice and make things for years to come.

The Soldering 101 class is also a prerequisite for the Obtainium class which shows you how to reclaim electronic components and other maker supplies for your next project. In addition to being a really cool skill to have this class is also part of the Skillbuilder series that culminates in an advanced project. In previous years this has included a DIY CNC machine, a Internet of Things sensor device, and a self-driving R/C vehicle.

To reserve your free spot in the next class go to and signup today.

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