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Mind AND Body

At MDC Iowa we tend to focus on the development of the mind but we also believe in the importance of spending time working on your body as well. A healthy body will support your mind and make it easier for you to focus on the bits and bytes, power through some of those class exercises, and that "at home" work that Mr. Sargeant or Ms. Brunner assigned after one of their classes.

We found inspiration in the January/February 2020 issue of Health which featured a full-page profile on Claressa Shields, a boxing champion that also happens to be a female and a person of color.

"I'm not just a great female fighter. I'm a great fighter, period."

(Photo by NY FIGHTS on April 5, 2019)

We all need a little motivation or inspiration sometimes so find yours and use it whenever you think you can't read one more chapter, write one more line of code, or render one more image. Most things that we attempt to do for the first time will be difficult but just like exercising these new skills get easier and you get better at them with practice. Keep going until you are a great [enter skill here] and then go further.

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