Here at the Iowa City Fab Lab summer camps are integrated. This means that older and younger campers will be together.  If your child is 7 to 11, the curriculum will be age appropriate.  If they are 12 and above, the curriculum is basically the same, but is more challenging.  Many of the camps will split into different groups, and older kids may become a leader of a group of younger kids, or be combined into older kids and younger kids. Please be aware and take into consideration before siging you child up for summer camp that photographs of participants will be taken, used as promotional images and/ or posted to our website and social media pages. 

When thinking about signing your kid up for camp keep in mind that there are only 20 spots availible per camp so don't wait to long to make a decision. If you have any questions after reading the information below dont hesitate to reach out!

Camp Sessions

Morning Session

AM (9 am to 12 pm): $150/week

The morning session begins at 9am, and runs until noon.  We have early drop-off (starting at 7:45 am) for an extra $50 fee.  The camper can hang out and build a side project, bring something from home, chill in the computer lab, etc.

Our morning camps are all computer based.  This does not mean they sit on computers for three hours.  There are planning sessions, discussions, trainings, and team exercises to make and change all of the things in the computer camps (whether they are Youtube, Minecraft, Scratch, or Roblox).  So it will not be a 3 hour computer session.  There will be at least an hour of computers per day for those camps though, so be warned.

Afternoon Session

PM (1 pm to 4 pm) only: $150/week

Our afternoon session begins after lunch at 1pm, and runs until 4pm.  Late pickup is available (up until 5:15 pm) for an extra $50 fee.  The camper will be able to continue their project, play in the computer lab, work on something from home, etc.

Full Day Session

All Day (9 am to 4 pm): $300/week

If you enroll your child(ren) in both morning and afternoon sessions, we will watch them for the lunch hour (you provide the lunch), and voila!  An all day camp for your kiddos.  Early drop off and late pick up is still an option for an additional $50 each per week, making the full day last from 7:45 am until 5:15 pm.

For campers Ages 7 to 17. Project challenges are scaled for your child’s age.


Safety comes first at the Fab Lab, and we have a lot of equipment and tools which can be dangerous if not handled correctly.  Therefore, we have some dress requirements for everyone in the Lab (not just campers).

Closed toed shoes.  These are a must.  Heavy things can drop, nails, screws, or pins, while always cleaned up, can sometimes become unexpected floor decorations.  Accidents happen, and we need to make sure they don’t happen here.  All shoes must be closed-toed (although closed toed sandals are fine). NO FLIP-FLOPS!  Crocks are fine, although we are not responsible for anyone being arrested by the fashion police.

Hair ties.  If your hair is longer than shoulder length, you need a hair tie, hat, or some device that can hold your hair back.  You can wear it long and free as long as we are not in a workshop area, but once in a place with power tools, it must be held back.  Please bring something to hold back those beautiful locks, just in case.

No loose clothing.  By loose we mean draping down from your body.  A t-shirt that is not quite the right size yet is totally fine.  A shirt that has long tails or draping sleeves is a no-go.  Usually this is not a problem in the summer, but you never know what kids are going to wear.  My daughter wore a bucket on her head for ‘hat day’ at school, so I figure it is a good rule to mention at any time of year.


Safety glasses/hearing protection.  At all times when in the shop areas, safety protection will be worn.  These are provided by the Fab Lab, but if you have your own or would like different-than-standard options, please let us know.

No Roughhousing. This should go without saying, but we will say it anyway.  If there is ever a time when anyone is being unsafe with or around the tools and equipment, they will be at the least sent out of the area, and at the worst asked to leave our camp.

Respect other’s space and projects. We get it.  Sometimes you just need a hammer for a second.  Sometimes that thing looks really cool, and you want to look at it with your hands.  Sometimes it does not look like anything important, like a pile of nails or a scrap of wood.  But make sure before you move something or take something that it is not someone’s project piece, or a tool they are going to need in a few seconds.

We do not provide food. ​We will provide breaks for a snack, of course, and there will be filtered water and (possibly) different drinks such as lemonade, but by and large campers and parents are responsible for bringing a snack and drinks that are not water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I work at 8am.  Your camps start at 9.  What do I do?

       A: We have early drop off, which starts at 7:45 am, and only costs $50 extra per week.  When you sign up for camps, simply add the morning drop off to your cart, for each week you will need it.  You can always add it later if you find you need it after you have signed up, and we will refund you if you find you don’t need it.

Q:  I work until 4:30pm, and could not get there until 5:15.  Your camps end at 4.  What do I do?

       A: We also have a late pick up option, and can keep your camper until 5:15pm, for $50 extra per week, as well.  When signing up for camps, add the late pick up to your cart for each week you need it.  Like above, you can add it later if you find you need to, and we will refund you if you don’t end up needing it.

Q: But I am sending both my kids!  If I have to drop them off early and pick them up late, that is about a kajillion dollars more per week!  What am I, made of money?

        A: We are cool with keeping multiple (related!) campers for one early or late (or both) pick up/drop off fee.  So a bro/sis combo will only cost you one early or late pick up fee. Or bro/bro. Or sis/sis. Also, you are made mostly of water.

Q: Do you keep them over the lunch hour if we have them in both morning and afternoon camps? 

      A: Yes.  You will need to provide a lunch, but we will watch them between camps, turning it into a full day camp extravaganza!

Q: Are there snacks?

     A:  No.  We will schedule breaks for snacks, but due to the complexities of individual tastes and food allergies, we will not provide snacks.  More information in the paragraphs below.

Q:  Will they go outside?

      A: Yup.  Sometimes more than others, but these are physical camps, so there will be in and outdoor activities.

Q:  Will my kid play with power tools?

      A:  No.  They will use power tools responsibly.  But they will definitely be using them.  (within reason, of course.)

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