Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I work at 8am.  Your camps start at 9.  What do I do?

       A: We have early drop off, which starts at 7:45 am, and only costs $50 extra per week.  When you sign up for camps, simply add the morning drop off to your cart, for each week you will need it.  You can always add it later if you find you need it after you have signed up, and we will refund you if you find you don’t need it.

Q:  I work until 4:30pm, and could not get there until 5:15.  Your camps end at 4.  What do I do?

       A: We also have a late pick up option, and can keep your camper until 5:15pm, for $50 extra per week, as well.  When signing up for camps, add the late pick up to your cart for each week you need it.  Like above, you can add it later if you find you need to, and we will refund you if you don’t end up needing it.

Q: But I am sending both my kids!  If I have to drop them off early and pick them up late, that is about a kajillion dollars more per week!  What am I, made of money?

        A: We are cool with keeping multiple (related!) campers for one early or late (or both) pick up/drop off fee.  So a bro/sis combo will only cost you one early or late pick up fee. Or bro/bro. Or sis/sis. Also, you are made mostly of water.

Q: Do you keep them over the lunch hour if we have them in both morning and afternoon camps? 

      A: Yes.  You will need to provide a lunch, but we will watch them between camps, turning it into a full day camp extravaganza!

Q: Are there snacks?

     A:  No.  We will schedule breaks for snacks, but due to the complexities of individual tastes and food allergies, we will not provide snacks.  More information in the paragraphs below.

Q:  Will they go outside?

      A: Yup.  Sometimes more than others, but these are physical camps, so there will be in and outdoor activities.

Q:  Will my kid play with power tools?

      A:  No.  They will use power tools responsibly.  But they will definitely be using them.  (within reason, of course.)