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Leadership and Volunteers

The Multicultural Development Center of Iowa (MDC Iowa) would not exist without the countless hours of volunteer work and efforts of our program coordinators, marketing interns, and fundraising teams and we want to celebrate them for everyone to see.

Name: Tracy Jon

Position/Title: Executive Director

Joined: 2016


Tracy Jon Sargeant is a lifelong technology enthusiast and a serial entrepreneur responsible for several successful tech start-ups throughout his career.


Mr. Sargeant currently works as a Security Engineer for a leading cybersecurity company. Mr. Sargeant is also a mentor for students at the University of Iowa and an advisor to multiple start-ups in the Iowa City area. Mr. Sargeant also serves on the board of directors for the Council for International Visitors to Iowa Cities (CIVIC), a nonprofit organization that coordinates people-to-people exchanges between international visitors and residents of eastern Iowa’s Creative Corridor, as well as the Iowa City Fab Lab, a non-profit technical prototyping space for innovation and invention based on MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms educational outreach program.

“I grew up in a rural area that was not a diverse community and I had almost no access to technology outside of school and even that was limited. I believe that providing a place where people can learn and expand their minds to innovate or improve on an existing concept is a critical service that should exist in every town. Starting MDC Iowa allows me to support my community and help underserved and historically underrepresented people have a resource that provides a safe space for learning and collaboration at no cost to them. And as an added bonus, I get to witness firsthand the talented minds of our youth developing skills that will take them wherever they want to go in this world.”

Why He/She/They Joined MDC Iowa

"26 years ago, when I first joined the technology workforce I dreamed about a day when I could help someone else find their way into a technology career. I never imagined that there would still be so many barriers for people of color almost three decades later. I believe that diversity is a value and that every organization will benefit from a more diverse workforce. Unfortunately, there are still roadblocks and systems that actively work against diversity, and people that look like me represent less than 12% of the STEM workforce. My goal has not changed, and I am more determined to create opportunities for Black, Indigenous, People of Color to pursue a STEM-related degree or career even if it is only one student of color at a time. MDC Iowa exists to create a more diverse workforce and increase the pipeline of BIPOC students interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, that will get us one step closer to STEM more accurately representing the communities that it serves."

Name: Julia

Position/Title: Director of Community Outreach

Joined: 2019



Julia Crowley is a low-tech woman acting as a Sherpa in a high-tech world. Her passion is people and connecting them to their strengths, aspirations & joy.

By day, she is a business development manager for MODIS, an IT & Engineering staffing firm. Julia thrives by creating perfect connections between businesses and technology & engineering professionals and ensuring they both benefit.


At night Julia is a mom raising two brilliant, fierce young women and guiding them into adulthood. She enjoys springing new recipes on the family, as well as devouring endless books, puzzles, and games. Julia is also secretly devoted to making their rescue cat exceedingly, and perhaps abnormally comfortable. After decades of volunteering at organizations on an as-needed basis, Julia is thrilled to focus solely on MDC of Iowa’s mission of empowering the underrepresented.

Why He/She/They Joined MDC Iowa

"Although a career in STEM was never really a path that I felt passionate about, we have all experienced firsthand the benefits and impacts of STEM innovation in our daily lives. I see MDC Iowa as a way of giving people an opportunity to live a bigger life than previously imagined. When the right people connect, great things happen."

Name: Matt

Position/Title: Vice-Chair and Volunteer

Joined: 2016



Matt is a founding member of the Multicultural Development Center of Iowa and is a critical ally and advocate of racial equity and human rights. He is also a lead collaborator on all technology training classes provided by MDC Iowa leveraging his 20+ years of Information Technology experience. Matt is a talented musician and plays multiple instruments including the viola.

As an Information Security Officer, Matt brings his knowledge of networking, cybersecurity, and cloud to the curriculum of the MDC Iowa training courses. Matt also leverages his extensive network of business and IT professionals to help aspiring career professionals in identifying and evaluating new opportunities and establish connections.

Why He/She/They Joined MDC Iowa

Matt began his journey to better understand his privilege and biases several years ago. After meeting the founder of MDC Iowa in his professional life he jumped at the opportunity to help grow the organization and be part of real change that helps the underserved and underrepresented have the same opportunities that so many take for granted every day.

Name: Sabra

Position/Title: Web Designer

Joined: 2018



Sabra is currently a student at the University of Iowa - Henry B. Tippie College of Busines and is responsible for the overall marketing strategy and web presence at the Multicultural Development Center of Iowa. She is also an avid supporter of multicultural student organizations at the University of Iowa and an accomplished photographer and graphic artist. Sabra's contribution to MDC of Iowa is the sole reason for such a clean and professional website that provides the Eastern Iowa community with online access to information and resources.

Name: Breckin

Position/Title: Communications Director

Joined: 2017



Breckin is currently a student at the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse and is responsible for coordinating the various programs delivered by the Multicultural Development Center of Iowa. She is also an active member of several multicultural student organizations on the UW-LaCrosse campus, an executive member of the Intercultural Organization Promoting Awareness (IOPA), a tutor for middle school children and a talented artist. Breckin is a contributor to the planning of our community outreach programs, a visionary for our diversity, equity and inclusion mission, and a leader in the MDC Iowa efforts to be relevant to the next generation of underrepresented students.

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