High-quality, durable, and comfortable face shield. Each face shield kit comes with a visor, clear shield, and one (1) replacement shield. Locally designed and manufactured by black entrepreneurs and a nonprofit that supports free STEM training for underrepresented and underserved people in Iowa.

Face Shield

  • Our unique design allows for easy cleaning and replacement of the shield which is not an option with other face shields on the market. Keeping your face shield clean is a critical step in preventing the spead of the coronavirus. The two-piece design enables users to completely disinfect the face shield without damaging the parts. No elastic, foam or other porous materials means that you can avoid trapping germs or viruses in those hard to clean surfaces.


    During the COVID-19 pandemic it is important to keep ourselves safe and do everything that we can to reduce the transmission of the virus. An alternative to wearing  face mask is to use a face shield. Although, studies have shown that face masks are more effective than face shields they are ideal for those with medical issues that make breathing through a mask difficult. Whenever possible it is advisable to use both a face shield and a face mask to prevent the transmission of the virus by exposed mucus membranes (eyes, nose, mouth, etc.)

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