Frequently asked questions

Does the hotspot or service cost me anything?

Equipment, service, and content filtering is being provided at no cost. You will never receive a bill for the hotspots or service you receive from MDC Iowa or our associated community partners.

How do parents/students use the hotspot?

Parents/Students can find the Wi-Fi network name and password by doing the following:
1. Press and hold the Power Button for 3 seconds until the welcome logo appears on the display. After a few seconds, the Wi-Fi signal icon will appear on the display.
2. Look for the network (SSID) “Moxee HotspotXX_2.4G”or “Moxee HotspotXX_5G”, where XX are the last two digits of the device IMEI.
3. Click “Connect” and enter the default password found on your device. Your Wi-Fi SSID and password information can be found on your device’s “Wi-Fi Info” screen or on the SSID label located underneath the battery cover.

What content is filtered by Enterprise Traffic Protector (ETP)?

ETP includes:
• Automatic enforcement of Strict Mode for access to YouTube Content
• Automatic Safe-Search enforcement for all web searches via Google and Bing
• Access to common education tools like Zoom, Blackboard, Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams
• Enforcement via DNS-Based policies – this is seamless and operates separately from other on-prem tools and filters & protects all devices accessing the Internet via protected hotspot device

How long is the service agreement?

AT&T has extended the service agreement from the 12-month term that was originally communicated to 14 months, starting from the date when the hotspots were ordered.

What should I do if a hotspot is malfunctioning?

Please alert MDC Iowa ( and provide the device IMEI, SIM, and a summary of the issue you are having. Hotspots have a 12-month warranty from the manufacturer and can be replaced if they are malfunctioning within that warranty period.

What should I do if a hotspot is lost, stolen, or is physically damaged?

Please send the IMEI and SIM information for the device that has been lost, stolen, or physically damaged to MDC Iowa (, so that it can be disconnected.

What should I do if a valid educational website is being blocked?

You will see a message in the Internet browser when a site is blocked, and it will provide a specific reason. Please take a screenshot of the message you are receiving and send to MDC Iowa at The team will review and add the site to the whitelist if necessary. NOTE: Adware and Malware can cause blocking errors to appear if it is installed on your laptop/tablet/etc. Please review the URL on the blocking message to confirm if it matches the website you are trying to access before sending in your whitelist request.

What is included?

Each recipient (household) will receive one (1) Moxee hotspot, that has an unlimited data plan and built-in Enterprise Traffic Protector (ETP) content filtering. See below for more information on the data plan: DATA RESTRICTION: After 50 GB of data usage in a bill cycle, for the remainder of the cycle, AT&T may temporarily slow data speeds on that line during times of network congestion. VIDEO STREAMING: Plan is not eligible for Stream Saver. For content we can identify as video, wireless streaming speed will be slowed to Standard Definition quality (max1.5 Mbps, about 480p). Video speed is capped at Standard Definition regardless of network device is on (for example, 4G LTE). Ability to stream, video resolution, and other data usage (including speed) are not guaranteed, may vary, and may be affected by a variety of other factors.