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Iowa Disability Creative Works Gallery Community Project

On February 10, 2018, the Iowa City community lost a friend, a leader, and a lifelong advocate for people with disabilities. Tom Walz passed away after living a full life and changing the lives of thousands of people through his non-profit organizations, the Extend the Dream Foundation and the Disability Enterprise Foundation.

We share in the guiding principles that Tom lived his life by and honor his conviction in the inherent worth and dignity of all beings and immense respect for the unity and interconnectedness of us all. We hope to pick up where Tom left us by continuing to remove the barriers between the community and its people with disabilities.

Tom Walz profile.jpg

In our commitment to maintaining the good work that Tom and his non-profit organizations' have done, the Multicultural Development Center of Iowa will support the Iowa Disability Creative Works Gallery as a community project beginning November 11, 2019.

MDC Iowa will begin by redesigning the IDCWG logo and website, as well as creating a new marketplace for artists with disabilities to sell their art as well as other products that feature the artists' work.

We believe that it is important to do more than just create a platform for disabled artists and artisans to showcase their art. As a community, we must also create opportunities to celebrate and support them by donating directly to the community project and/or purchasing the creative works.


Tom's non-profit organization, Disabilities Enterprise Foundation, was created to help people with disabilities pursue their entrepreneurial goals. MDC Iowa is committed to providing biannual gallery events so the public is given the chance to celebrate the artists which also creates an opportunity for the artists to generate income from the sale of their artwork.

To show your support for the Iowa Disability Creative Works Gallery by donating directly to the community project please click on the Donate Now button.

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