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Reverse Engineering

In this class we pick a common household item, product or process and we investigate what makes it work and how we can recreate it for our own purposes.
Reverse Engineering

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The date and time for this class is TBD
Location is TBD

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Generally speaking, reverse engineering is learning how something works for the purpose of recreating it. There are several different uses of this process, including basic understanding, interfacing with existing products, reproduction, and determining patent infringement.

Reverse engineering is the basis for "hacking" which gets a bad reputation thanks to Hollywood's portrayal of hackers and those bad actors that commit cybercrimes. But the reality is that any act of making something do a thing it was not intended to do is a form of hacking. Hacking is not bad. Hacking something that does not belong to you withour permission is a crime and we do not encourage or support this type of behavior. If you are curious to find out how things work and maybe want to figure out how to make them better than this class is for you.

**** All class participants must be 12 years old or older to attend - No exceptions ****

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